You just haven’t met him… yet

Your world can sometimes be too busy. There's work, family, church, service, school, other relationships, your goals and aspirations then suddenly, someone comes along.  Excitement fills your heart. After a long time, someone finally noticed you and during these times, there's a tendency to forget your standards. Your standards are what you want to look for … Continue reading You just haven’t met him… yet


Open letter on comparison

Scroll. Scroll. Scroll. Let's be honest, seeing so much in social media sometimes is degrading. Sometimes it makes you question if you're living the best life because as you can see, everybody is. Everybody seems so happier, perfect, at peace, content, satisfied, more loving, more patient. It is as if nothing's really wrong. You compare … Continue reading Open letter on comparison

I don’t believe when you say “You complete me”

We have a notion today that being in a relationship ultimately makes us happy. Many people believe that once they met someone, then their lonely nights will disappear. A lot of men and women think that if they feel incomplete, meeting Mr. or Ms. Right will make them complete. As if every feeling of desolation … Continue reading I don’t believe when you say “You complete me”